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Portfolio Review

We are offering a free review of your portfolio conducted by a CFA Charterholder. During this review we will:

  • Review each stock in your portfolio and provide a buy, sell, hold recommendation based on earnings estimates, current valuation, and sector exposures 
  • Compare mutual fund holdings performance to their benchmark
  • Compare mutual fund and etf expense ratios to best-in-class competitors
  • Risk analysis of portfolio including standard deviation and max drawdown. 
  • Analyze risk-adjusted performance using your portfolio's historical Sharpe ratio.
  • Exposure analysis to sector, size, and style
  • Bond analysis including duration, credit quality, and yield
  • Evaluate asset location and tax benefits of specific holdings

We believe that creating a plan and continuing to monitor it is a key factor in long-term financial success. During times of volatility, it can be difficult to properly evaluate your performance and investment success due to emotion, such as fear of loss. Our expert assistance should help you navigate volatility from today’s pandemic and be better financially prepared for future volatility. 

A well-managed portfolio should be invested based on your goals and provide adequate cash-flow for spending needs, adequate accumulation for future spending needs, or some combination of the two. In addition, it should provide you:

  • A reasonable expected return
  • A reasonable level of risk
  • A reasonable fee for management

At the completion of your review, you will receive a document that you can keep to review and work on improvements discussed. A sample document is included in the link below.

Sample Portfolio Review

Not all investments are equal. The pandemic will create winners and losers in both equity and bond markets. We will help you participate and understand the factors that drive returns under these market conditions.

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